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Welcome... To An Opportunity

An Opportunity to transform your life, your practice, your team, and your patients. We are all guilty of becoming comfortable with activities and outcomes that don't seem to make any waves. Change tends to bring on 'chaos', and it seems easier not to wrestle with the transitions new paradigms bring to our sphere of influence. The danger of not embracing the challenge change brings, is harboring a self-limiting, protective barrier and missing the growth potential, that keeping on the cutting edge would otherwise provide.

Welcome... To A Curriculum

A Curriculum that engages and inspires your team at one time, at the venue or location you elect. We only provide these transformational workshops and seminars to entire dental teams. It is so important for the entire team to hear the same information and be motivated at the same time... to effect an immediate positive outcome for the practice. Our facilitator will come to your location, focus on your team, and customize an implementation strategy that everyone can embrace.

Welcome... To A New Standard Of Care

Launch Oral Medicine a life saving and life extending curriculum that will take the dental team from a focus of saving teeth, to one of saving lives for its patients. The principles we deliver are evidence based from recent research with about 100 actual scientific footnotes to empower the practitioner to move forward with confidence. The team leaves convicted of the importance of a 'New Mission', and excited about the implementation process. The 'A to Z' training syllabus provides a step-by-step road map, with resources, to forever change the way- no-bleeding-on-probing, a restricted airway, bruxism, and systemic inflammatory diseases- are perceived again!

Welcome... To Transformational Leadership

Effective management cannot occur without effective leadership. Leaders write the script for the practice mission and vision with their team. Leadership insures the mission and vision are delivered at every point of contact and the patient experience is the vision reflected. Leaders strategically plan, and they plan for changes that continually add value to all the stakeholders.

Our leadership curriculum can be as simple as professional coaching or annual practice strategic planning. It can be engaging for an entire team, relative to the concept of patient centered leadership, or the intentional communication that always connects to the practice patients.

Listen to the call... for dentistry to engage oral systemic medicine.
Friends & Family
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Many family members, friends, and patients are aware of my mission and purpose in life as it relates to dentistry and healthcare. This same group, whom I care for and advise with an open heart, have never been exposed to "exactly" what we do... the science behind our strategy and mission... and what in fact are some simple and life extending principles that they could begin to implement TODAY... and enjoy a larger degree of wellness. This page is for you! WARNING...It is not for the faint of heart!